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In addition to the MERIT Profile, MERIT Integrated Solutions™ has related learning materials.

A good starting place is to readAchieving Authentic Success by Dr. Ron Jenson. It explains the 10 MAXIMIZERS Principles and provides some basic exercises to begin developing personally using the principles.

There is a dedicated 6-CD set in which Dr. Jenson covers the material of the book. The CDs review all of the principles in an easy-to-listen-to and entertaining format. They are an excellent resource for personal use or for sharing with others to introduce them to the MAXIMIZERS.

There also related Achieving Authentic Success® Self Study Kit and the Life*Time Operating System Study Guide.

PLEASE NOTE: Our coaching clients may order a full MERIT - MAXIMIZERS package

consisting of:

1. Achieving Authentic Success® Book (160 pages)

2. Achieving Authentic Success 6-CD Set (6 hours)

3. Life*Time Operating System™ Study Guide (172 pages)

4. Life*Action Plan™ (17 Pages)

5. MERIT Profile™ Development Report (13 pages; valued at US$125)

for only US$210.00 (Full Retail Value: US$260.00) shipping and taxes included (North America).

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