We are all familiar with IQ (Intelligence Quotient) and EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient).

Have you and your team ever worked on your CQ (Character Quotient)?

The MERIT Integrated Solutions™ technologies and learning applications developed by

Future Achievement International provide “character-based” human capital solutions that can have a significant R.O.I. impact on your organization’s culture, talent acquisition, employee development and succession planning initiatives.

FAI's MERIT Integrated Solutions help organizations to:

- Streamline operational efficiencies

- Mitigate human capital risks

- Reduce unnecessary financial expenditures

- Empower performance-based leaders

A unique character-based assessment, The MERIT Profile, generates a personalized report.

The assessment (a web-based, 60-item character and behaviour survey) produces 13-page detailed Development Report. [Companies may also purchase this as a 6-page Recruitment Report profiling potential employees.]

The Development Report provides feedback and insights into 10 character competencies, 4 behavioural traits and provides a scoring for an individual's Attitudes, Beliefs and Commitments.

Check our next few mini-pages for more information about this valuable tool and the unique approach to character-based leadership and team development.