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Whether you are an executive or manager within an organization, an entrepreneur with your own business, a director of a community group . . . your performance in your position has wide reaching implications. What you do affects you and many others.


Certified Peoplemap Trainers lead workshops that provide insights and tools to enhance personal and team performance.


Counseling is all about change! Compass Counseling Services works with people who want to re-discover their joy in life, by overcoming stress, anxiety and depression. We provide a safe place to resolve issues that are causing today's pain and limiting the fulfillment of tomorrow's dreams.


Worldview Matters provides a variety of services with images and words that will enhance your image and communication.



The Certified Life Coaches of Realization Life Coaching have worked to the benefit
of their clients in a variety of areas and matters. What is the "gap" between where you are today and what you want your life
to look like?

Our background includes theological training and activity in a variety of ministries. Clients who feel the need for developing in this aspect of life will find sensitivity and support through coaching and counselling relationships.

We also are prepared to perform life celebration services for individuals, couples and families in our area.

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